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Lip Balm Set

Lip Balm Set

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Get ready to pamper your lips with our Lip Balm Set! This set includes two tinted lip balms that will leave your lips feeling soft and moisturized. With a range of colors to choose from, you can keep your pout looking fresh and vibrant all day long. Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips and hello to nourished, beautiful lips with our Lip Balm Set.


Mulberry Tinted Lip Balm ~ Shimmery Sugarberries ~ Lavender Lip Balm ~ Lemon Lip Balm




When to use

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Unbeatable Pairs

Pair with Lisa's Face Balm for use as night and daytime moisturizer

Pair with Lisa's Face Oil for additional moisture, brighting, and anti-inflammatory properties

Pair with Rose Serum for an extra moisture boost