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Lisa’s Face Balm

Lisa’s Face Balm

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This waterless formulation hydrates while balancing your skin’s oil production for a glowing complexion.


Shea butter — An emollient high in essential fatty acids, shea butter nourishes and supports skin elasticity.

Jojoba Extract — High in vitamin E and the closest to your skin’s natural sebum (oil), jojoba extract helps balance your skin’s natural oil production, resulting in fewer clogged pores, smooth, and soothed skin.

Squalane — Much like naturally occurring squalene, which decreases with age, squalane soothes and conditions dry skin, leaving your skin softer and smoother. 

Frankincense, myrrh, rose — These may aid in the appearance of fewer fine lines.

When to use: Use in the daytime or at night for overnight restoration! Although especially dry skin would be benefited by twice daily use. Looking for an intense night cream? Check out Lisa’s Face Cream! 

Directions: Apply a pea-sized amount onto clean skin morning, night, or both.

Ingredients: Organic Shea butter, jojoba oil, squalane (20%), essential oil blend (rose, myrrh, frankincense) 

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